Parabor Colombia

This year in Colombiaplast-Expoempaque, Parabor Colombia, a distributing company in the plastics and rubber industry, will seek to boost its product portfolio and specialized laboratory equipment for these sectors. In this version of the trade show, the company will release raw materials sold by their represented companies around the world, in order to their customers have innovatived ideas. Also, Parabor Colombia will have the presence of several technicians from some of the companies it represents, who will attend individually the queries of the visitors. In addition, the company will offer a technical conference about additives for PVC (factors affecting polymers, PVC degradation mechanisms, function and types of heat stabilizers, etc.). So, in this exhibition, attendees will have the option to see the new materials used in the world in order to find applications in our market, visitors can also participate in technical conferences about various applications, identify companies in their same sectors, find machinery and the latest technology equipment.