Soluciones Flexibles - SOFLEX

The trading company of machinery and consumables for the plastics industry, SOFLEX, will show for the first time in Colombia the brand POLYSTAR, famous for being the number one manufacturer of extrusion machines for recycling and pelletizing from Taiwan R.O.C. This time, the brand will have the HNT-85V model, which features are prized       nowadays for its efficiency and technology. Additionally, the Company will present to the attendees a monolayer extrusion machine, the DM-45 model, which specificities allows to exceed the production of conventional extruder machines of the same size.

In addition, the company will present, within Colombiaplast-Expoempaque 2016 framework, the Uhouse Brand, from Taiwan, dedicated to the production of high quality concentrate Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), coated type OMYA T1, 96.5% whiteness; formulated with LLDPE, elastomers and more processing aids, which provides excellent processability and performance in terms of mechanical properties of the product to be manufactured, ensuring high sealability and tear resistance. All these features allow manufacturers to use high concentrations of this product in their mixtures, reducing costs without losing quality.

At the SOFLEX’s stand, the environment will be a priority, therefore, the Enterprise will be accompanied by Ecologic LLC, an American company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of additives for biodegradation that will present the Eco-One Product, an additive that ensures the true decomposition of organic polymers under anaerobic conditions. This feature allows polymers that contains Eco-One in its composition could be recycled as many times as necessary until the end of its life and then deposited in landfills, where the additive will activate and the biodegradation process will begin.

Finally, SOFLEX will present to the Colombian market, the Twin Screw Industrial Co. Ltd, dedicated to the manufacture of screws and barrels made to size. This company also provides applications such as: extruders lines of parallel twin screw for the production of pipelines and special PVC profiles, lines for PVC pelletizing, high speed mixers for PVC with cooler, wooden effect printing machines with UV curing and extruder machines for HDPE pipes.